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I took some time to work on other projects, most notably JFSudoku and some IRC bots I had been developing. The IRC bot experience was necessary to move forward with IRC support in integrating IRC gameplay into the project. There is also a major issue with the code to check for updates. I plan to begin testing and incorperating 3rd party software, like PircBot and Log4Java. If anyone is interested in joining the project, contact me via the link to the left. If anyone develops an AI and would like to have it added to the distribution, I will be more tha happy to do so.

Posted by rrtaft on Tuesday, March 13 @ 19:02:07 UTC

I have not worked on this project in over a year.  If you are interested in continued development (like IRC games) or have any questions, contact me through the link to the left

Posted by rrtaft on Sunday, February 18 2007@ 19:02:07 UTC

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